Field of Yellow



The crop at Redberry is in full blume. With recent rain and warm weather, the Canola field is looking fantastic. We look forward to a great day of harvest and celebration on the camp site. Profit from this harvest will be shared with Redberry Bible Camp and Children’s Camps International to impact kids in Canada and around the world. Please keep in touch with us to be part of the event.

Medstead\Glenbush wheat field in new location

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 This years Harvest for kids field near Medstead and Glenbush is located just South of the Bruce Isaac farm. Pictured about are Kirby and Tristan seeding Wheat. Pre burn was done by Corey Penner and extra fertilizer spread was provided by Cavalier Agro in Spiritwood. Harvest date will depend on the weather but we look forward to another great day on the field. Please contact Bruce Isaac at 306-883-9490 if you would like to get involved with this event.




Another great day to put seed in the ground

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Another beautiful day to put seed in the ground. Vanessa Lawrence with Saskatoon Coop AG and Tim Palmer with Omex help Rod Thiessen with seed and soil management on the Harvest for kids field just outside of Saskatoon on Hwy 16. Rylee Thiessen has been farming with his dad Rod for several years and made quick work of seeding the wheat crop for this years H4K project. Please contact Wendell at 306-222-3002  if you would like to get involved with this project or others that Harvest for kids has in Saskatchewan.

Redberry Bible Camp/Harvest for Kids partnership

The Seed is in the Ground. Darrel and Jackson Wiebe spent this past holiday Monday putting canola into the ground just north of Redberry Bible Camp(RBC). The harvest planned for late fall will benefit RBC and Harvest for Kids(H4K) through Children’s Camps International. A Harvest BBQ celebration will be held at RBC right after the combines get of the field. Please contact Darrel Wiebe at (306) 997-4904 or Wendell Andres (306)222-3002 if you would like to get involved with this harvest event.



“Canola overflowing the hopper”

While sitting in the combine with Rod Thiessen just north of Saskatoon last Thursday, I was memorized at how much Canola the combine could shove in it’s mouth at one time. In Spring we wondered if this would be an average or even good crop. But is was! In fact, it was a GREAT crop. I occasionally watched the flow monitor go over 60 bushels/acre. A big thank you to the Moody’s and Caterpillar dealerships for supplying combines to bring in the harvest. Thank you also to all the farmers that supplied trucks and combines to get thing done. Just as the seed was multiplied on the field, the investment in kids lives now will also be multiplied.


Canola 60


A harvest to remember in Glenbush/Medstead area

On October 10th 2 miles east of Glenbush, Saskatchewan, a crowd of approximately 150 people gathered to celebrate Gods faithfulness through the Harvest. Early in the day, eight swathers gathered to prepared the field. I believe that is more swathers than any other Harvest for Kids event previous. Before long, the big machines began to make there way to the field. The jokes between farmers were all about red, yellow, or green . Soon 12 combines formed an impressive line with colorful flags waving. Each flag represented a country where Children’s Camps International sends kids to camp. Thank you to all the farmers, volunteer and spectators who made this day a success. Thousands of kids will have a life changing experience as they attend camp in the upcoming year because of your generosity.




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Great day on the field

It was the perfect day for our harvest at Hepburn. 13 combines hit the field at 1pm and by 3pm we were celebrating with a BBQ at the Thiessen Farm. Thank you to everyone for making time during your busy season. This picture was taken from a drone helicopter provided by the Western Ag. team.